Protect Your Invention

Patents are often a client’s most valuable asset, but evaluating inventions, reviewing patentability issues, purchasing or selling patents, devising global patent protection strategies, negotiating licenses and agreements, and dealing with infringement issues can be complex. A patent lawyer’s goal is to keep it as simple as possible while providing clients with the best of protection.

Ron works with specialized patent agents who help to provide clients with key advice on patentability of inventions, validity of patents, and infringement of patents.

Patent services include:

  • Review of innovation and identification of areas where protection can be obtained
  • Filing patent applications in Canada and/or the US
  • Negotiation and preparation of licenses
  • Negotiation and preparation of patent assignments
  • Perfoming a patent audit
  • Assistance in managing or evaluating a patent portfolio
  • Due diligence in commercial transactions involving patents


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